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E14. Sweet Sour Soup (Canh Chua)

Rice/Noodle, tofu, tomato, veggies, pineapple, herbs... (GF option)

A2. Spring Rolls (Bò Bía)

Lettuce, jicama, carrot, peanut sauce... (Gluten Free option)

E2. Vegan Phở

Rice noodles, vegan beef, tofu, sprouts, basil, onion. (GF option)

A5. BBQ Tofu (Đậu Hũ Chiên)

Roasted tofu in BBQ sauce. (Gluten Free option)

E13. Crab Noodle (Bún Riêu)

Tofu, vegan ham, mushroom, tomatoes, veggies, rice noodles… (gluten free option)

A6. VN Sandwich (Bánh Mì)

Veggies, daikon, vegan ham or tofu...

E16. Tofu Pineapple (ĐH Thơm)

Rice or noodle, tofu, tomatoes, onion, pineapple, chili, spice…. Gluten free option

M10. Crispy Skin (Hủ Ky Chiên)

Rice, Roasted bean curd, pepper, onion, sauce....

E5. Buddha Bowl (Bún Bì)

Rice noodles, bean curd, veggies, peanut, daikon... (GF option)

S13. Vegan Sticky Rice (Bánh Tét)

Sticky rice, beans, spices, banana leaves... (Gluten Free option)

E4. Vegy Soup (Canh Rau Củ)

Rice noodles, tofu, onion, veggies, vegan ham... (GF option)

M16. Beef Noodles (Bò Xào Lăn)

Vegan beef, noodles, veggies, daikon, peanut, onion, chili sauce ….

E3. Hue Spicy Noodle (Bún Huế)

Rice noodles, vegan beef, tofu, veggies,, chili oil... (GF option)

B1. Taro Smoothie (Khoai Môn)

Vegan milk....

M7. BBQ Pork Noodles (Bánh Hỏi Heo Quay)

Roll noodles, BBQ pork, lettuce, onion, cucumber, chili sauce...

B3. Strawberry Smoothie (Dâu)

Vegan milk....

S3. BBQ BitterMelon (Khổ Qua Kho)

Rice, Mushroom, tofu, spices, noodle, onion, bitter-melon... (GF option)

B2. Mango Smoothie (Xoài)

Vegan milk....

A3. Tofu Rolls (Đậu Hũ Cuốn)

Tofu, lettuce, noodles, peanut sauce. (Gluten Free option)

M15. Stew Scad Fish (Cá Nục)

Rice, Vegan Scad fish with stewed black peppers...

E1. Curry Soup (Cà Ri)

Rice/noodles, vegan meat, tofu, carrot, veggies, coconut, potatoes, taro…

A7. Dumplings (Bánh Ít Trần)

Mung beans, onion, daikon, chili sauce.

B8. Hot MilkShake-Tea

Vegan hot Milk Tea

A4. Egg Rolls (Chả Giò)

Carrot, tofu, taro, veggies, beans, chili sauce.

E17. Vegan Pate (Pate Mắm)

Rice, lemongrass, tofu, onion, mushrooms, spices, chili sauce … Gluten free option

M11. Stew Fish (Cá Kho)

Rice, Vegan fish fillet with stewed tomato sauce, black peppers...

M12. Beef Stew (Bò Kho)

Vegan beef, tofu, veggies, onions, carrots, sauce…served w rice/noodle/bread (GF option)

E18. Vegan Spaghetti (Mì Ý)

Veggie meat, noodles, tomatoes, mushroom, onions, sauce...

E15. Lemongrass Tofu (Đậu Hủ Xã Ớt)

Rice, Lemongrass chili tofu... (Gluten Free option)

S4. Bitter Melon Soup (Canh Khổ Qua)

Tofu, mushroom, spices, cilantro, onion... (GF option)

B10. Soy Milk (Sữa)

S8. Vegan Ham Roll (Chả Lụa Chay)

tofu sheets, black pepper, spices... (Gluten Free option)

M19. SweetFire Squid (Mực Ram)

Vegan squid, rice, chili sauce, veggies …. (Soy free)

M9. Spiced Duck (Vịt Xã Ớt)

Rice, Vegan meat, lemongrass, spices, and chili...

M6. House Special (Heo Quay)

Rice, Pork belly, taro, BBQ sauce...

M18. Orange Squid (Mực sốt Cam)

Vegan squid, rice, orange, veggies …. (Soy free)

M1. Teriyaki Chicken (Gà Tery )

Vegan chicken, rice, veggies, teriyaki sauce...

M14. Mongolian Beef (Bò Mongo)

Vegan beef, rice , veggies ….

M3. Chicken Strips (Chả Gà)

Rice, vegan chicken, BBQ sauce....

M2. Orange Chicken (Gà Sốt Cam)

Rice, vegan chicken, orange, tomatoes, cucumber...

M5. Lamb Nuggets (Dê Chiên)

Rice, vegan lamb, BBQ sauce...

M4. Lemongrass Chicken (Đùi Gà Chiên)

Rice, Tofu, lemongrass, BBQ sauce...

M8. SweetFire Pork (Sườn Ram)

Rice, Vegan pork with sweet hot sauce...

M13. Broccoli Beef (Bò Bông)

Vegan beef, rice , broccoli ….

M17. Lemongrass Squid (Mực xã ớt)

Vegan squid, rice, chili, Lemongrass …. (Soy free)

Vegan and Vietnamese Vegetarian Delights

Vegan and Vietnamese Vegetarian Delights
Looking for vegetarian options? Our vegan Vietnamese dishes are a hit! Try our fresh spring rolls, flavorful pho, or spicy lemongrass tofu. We also offer a variety of meat-free stir-fries and noodle dishes. Whether you're a vegetarian or just looking to try something new, we've got you covered.

Convenient Vegan and Vietnamese Takeout Options

Convenient Vegan and Vietnamese Takeout Options
Satisfy your cravings with our convenient vegan and Vietnamese takeout options. Enjoy the flavors of our fresh spring rolls, flavorful pho, and savory lemongrass tofu from the comfort of your home. We offer hassle-free delivery and easy pickup for a delicious and satisfying meal.

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